Trevor Thomas is an Int’l speaker and workshop leader who teaches you how to look within for your own inner guidance, and helps you step into your own potential!

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  • Step Into Your BIGness! (30 min)
    “Step Into Your BIGness” is a reminder that we are all greater and grander than we imagine ourselves to be. Trevor shares his inner journey around accepting his size as a gift, finding answers within himself, connecting with his true essence & ultimately stepping into his own ‘bigness,’ and giving people tools to do the same in their own lives.
  • Manifesting Your Destiny (30 min)
  • Success through Self-Confidence (30 min)
  • Creating Lasting Support & Sustainable Change (30 min)


(Optional Support System integration)

  • Post-Event Re-Integration (30 min)
  • Plan to Achieve Your Goals! (30 min)
  • Create Lasting Support & Sustainable Change (30 min)

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spryte_loriano_circle“Trevor is one of the most sincere, helpful and authentic individuals I know. When on stage his presence is felt like a warm bath with bubbles. He truly is set out to make a positive difference in the lives of those he meets. In any capacity you can work with Trevor, do!” Spryte Loriano, Water Bearers Founder

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Selected Past Talks & Workshops

  • Forsyth Barr Stadium’s Inspire Dunedin Event, New Zealand 5/’17
    Presented to 200+ Dunedin residents & Facebook Livestream through the Sophie Elliott Foundation. TALK: The Journey Inward (Step Into Your BIGness!); WORKSHOP: Plan to Achieve Your Dreams!
  • Universidad de Cuenca’s INSPIRE Event, Ecuador 8/’15
    Presented to students & faculty, sharing the stage with Stephen Dinan & Devaa Haley Mitchell. TALK: Stepping Into Your BIGness/Smallness; WORKSHOP CO-LEADER: Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals & Support Systems, Post-Event Re-Integration


  • Monrovia Civic Center’s W. Africa Leaders Conference, Liberia 5/’14
    Presented to 400+ educators & teachers through Youth Action International, sharing the stage with Kimmie Weeks, Sage Lavine, Rich Litvin, Sherri Nickols & Spryte Loriano. TALK: Step Into Your BIGness!; WORKSHOPS: Manifesting Your Destiny, Post-Event Re-Integration
  • Messenger Summit & NatureMinding Events in CA, USA 2011-’13
    Shared the stage with James Twyman, Bo Eason & Neale Donald Walsch. TALKS: Step Into Your BIGness!, Manifesting Your Destiny, Success through Self-Confidence